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yea! for such a round number... i will do something special.
just take a screenshot of you as the 2000th and you win!
Ask Anything MMD related!
I will not do PMD PMX or MMM.
I will answer anything that only has the words MikuMikuDance in it.

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Long ago, in the age of fairytales, the world was filled with light. A gift many believed from an unseen power known as Kingdom Hearts, a city of well known power, that had only a keyhole to lead to the outside world.
you see, Kingdom Hearts was protected by it's counter part the, X-Blade, So that nobody outside the Kingdom could ever lay hands on it.
It's origin came from the people that lived inside Kingdom Hearts, who wanted protection from the gargolye Lucifus. But before he became evil, he was beautiful, and strong, and was even living in Kingdom Hearts.
But curiosity of a new thing crept over his mind, for he sees the same thing over and over again; Light. He wanted the light all to himself and was stageing a plan to get it that way.
but he and other people who wanted the light, were contempt. Thus banished from Kingdom Hearts, for contept leads to evil. Still, being banished outside the kingdom did not stop Lucifus from comeing back.
His contempt lead him into a dark demon, A ruler of all darkness. Now it so happened, when his peolpe wanted revenge, the first shadows were tasked apon the land.
these warriors crafted Keyblades in the imadge of the original X-Blade, and launched a great campain to conqer Kingdom Hearts.
but the Campain turned quickly to a war because of the amount of resistance the X-Blade produded, thus the keyblade War was fought for ten years untill the darkness extinguished all light from the world.
but the darkness could not reach Kingdom Hearts, for it shone far to brightly. with that light, the world was remade as we know it today with countless smaller worlds shining like stars in the sky.
As for the real X-blade, it did not survive the battle. The two elements that made it, one of darkness and one of light, shatterd into twenty pieces, seven of light, thirteen of darkness.
As for the source of all light, the one true kingdom hearts, since the darkness could not breach into the city, the darkness envelloped the city, never to be seen again.
After all, light begets darkness, and darkness is drawn to light. For this reason, some that survied the battle, decided to use the keyblade, a wepon crafted to conquer the light, to defend the light instead.
These were the first Heros of the Keyblade. Lastly, only seven light people Got their hearts taken awqay from them, their hearts still linger in the Heartless.
Heartless people, witch Lucifus created, can crave without a heart, but it's sole pourpouse is to fill the empty space with a heart, even if it means killing another person.
if the heartless killed and a nobody vanquished, will restore the original person. The rest of the people evacuated Kingdom Hearts, hopeing one day to gain it back. However, they left in such a hurry, they forgot to
lock the Keyhole, thus the darkness kept spreding. And As long as Kingdom Hearts remains in the darkness, even the brightest world will have its dark pawns.
Thus a prophecy fortold in the first times of evil "One will open the door to the univerce, one will be the chosen one, one will defeat the forces of darkness forever." and for 10 long genereations, the people still wait.

Chapter 1.
Born an Orphin.
"There is One Key which unlocks all doors".
                   ~History's Phrophacy.

Our story begins on a train traveling to Twilight Town, two Mouseifyed figures were going there, because they had no where else to go.
Worlds were being swollowed up by darkness one by one. Their chances of fighting back were gone, because the female mouse was pregnant. It was acturally here that our story begins, for when that mouse was born (actually on the train),
he would lead a great campain to retake Kingdom Hearts. His name? Mickey Mouse.
Walt, his father, has been on the sidelines, watching the darkness take two worlds now, and yet he still runs from them, but now, since his wife finally gave birth, he can finally join the fight. Thus, since his son now born, headed to the mysterious tower of Yen Sid. For it is here, where tragety and happiness would be found. Yen Sid was a pale magiction who took Mickey into his care, and let his parents leave for the battle against the darkness. Mickey grew up in ways like anyone grewup, he had imagination, made friends like Donald and Goofy, and a girl named Minnie. They played together, and even gotten curious for a time or two. Mickey even studyed some of Yen Sid's magic, but lets not get into on what trouble that cauzed. All that you need to know, is that in the end Mickey thought of others first. When Mickey turned 15, he asked Yen Sid for a dog, in which he replied in a normal fassion,
"A dog is a lot of respoceability" he said. but, willingness over teaching won over, and Mickey had a dog named Bozo, (he named it Pluto later) and for a long time, Pluto was in Mickey's temperary room. Mickey is now 17, his needs are changing, like a need for a house. And so Yen Sid built Mickey's house out on the out skirts of the mysterious tower, but not out of reach for his friends, because he still visits with them, every day. If I may, add in here, that Daisy moved to the outskirts of the mysterious tower. Mickey, at age 20, acedently stumbles upon picture of other worlds and perhaps the most important picture of all, was the picture of his father. Now at the age of twenty, Mickey learned to be honest with Yen Sid so he brought up the picture of the maps first. (he wanted to be sure that he had a father) Yen Sid was truthful and said that there were other worlds besides this one and did not deny they were not beyond reach. So with a gleefull look, Mickey handed over the picture of his father and said "Is this what I think it is?".
Yen Sid gasped as he looked at the picture and quickly stowed it in his magic blue coat, "Where did you find this?" he asked. "When I triped on a heavy box and fell on my face I looked under a table and there it was." Yen Sid nodded, indicateing that, that is exsactly where he hid it. He was about to say something, but Mickey spoke first. "Thanks! he said and he ran outside to tell his freinds. Yen Sid shook his head as he watched the mouse dissapear into the fog.
"How can I exsplain it to him?" he asked to himself.
Back at Mickey Mouse's house, Mickey used the phone to call Donald, Goofy, and Minnie, to meet up with him as soon as possible. When he hung up the phone and turned around,and there where his three friends barraling through the door. Well after Mickey said that everyone could sit down, he made this announcement. "Did you know that there are other worlds besides this one?". "No, not really" replied Donald Duck.
Welcome to my new Game of "QuickBuilds from Google Scetchup" I am the maker of this game
and if not, I am Deeply sorry. No infringement in any way is intended.

for those of you new to the game the rules are these that follow:

You will each have 30 minutes to build the suggested Topic.

Topics Are chossen by the votes of the people

After the 30 Minutes are up, you must stop everything: building modifications painting...etc.

Get a good angle of your build after the 30 Min. Take a snapshot of your build (if you don't know how to take a snapshot, you must go to Files, Export, 2D Imadge(No 3ds files please) if possible, you mut do a Bmp. If that isn't available use TIFF or PNG (Jpeg just makes things blury)then we both enter the pictures on the internet and the public decies the winner.

Each player will have two timeouts (If the computer frezzes up or your mom wants you) no modifications or building will be done during a time-out. all you are allowed to do is think.

to initiate a timeout,(did I mention a chat to chat is needed) one of the players must type in the chat box "//Timeout" the timer will stop and make a long tone, meaning someone has made a timeout, and whatever tool you were in the middle of, stop, The timer will net resume untill both players say "//ready" then a count down will go from 3-2-1 go!, then you resume working.

Twists are other things which changes the game dramaticly.

Swap: At a random time, the timer on the clock will flash and stop. That means the players must swich projects during play, and must stop building, the players will send their file over the internet untill each player recieves each others project after a "//ready" from each player, the timer will continue, if the timer ends here, then the one you are on is the one you will have to stick with.(P.s.You may not modify anything your otherplayer did.)

No solids: No 3d stuff, it all must be 2D

No undoing: you may not undo a mistake or delete it, so think hard.

No effects: no fog, no shadows,no styles, no paint

Draw only: The picture must be drawn (no solids, no follow me, no prepaint{meaning you cant use Bitmap to draw your pictures, you must draw it all useing scketchup})

No help: no help from other people who made a thing that might help.

No twist: no special rules, just have fun!

The topic depends on what you are building, say like a ring, you will have to make a ring and nothing else.

if one of the players keeps on modifying/building in a time-out or during a swap, or after 30 minutes, he/she will be disqualified automaticly.

each of the players must record their progress on an internal video recorder (in the computer) or a second recording device to prove that he or she didn't cheat during the video.

if no video capible divice is present, then he/she will be disqualified automaticly.

lastly have fun!

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Kra-Mtf's Profile Picture
Kenneth A******
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Call me babyish, but i am a massive Mickey & Minnie Mouse Fan, like unnatural... i feel like I am somehow connected to them... but how can that be? I am human living in this world. they are in their own world or living in a 4th dimension that may exist in real life. but we can't see them, because they are out of phase. they share a same plane of existence as our "imaginary friends".

But enough about Mickey Mouse... I always have a fifteen minute battle planed every day, but i don't have the body to accomplish a backflip! which is why I am looking for fighting choreographers(The people who can accomplish the stunts i have planned)

I am multitalented, and i don't know what job to choose.
here is what i am good at:
piano compositions
instrumental compositions
voice acting
story writing
3D animation

Here is what i am best at:
being a nuisance

(just kidding)


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